Petrol station business plan in nigeria

The profit is bountiful and guaranteed.

Petrol Filling Station Business In Nigeria: Detailed Plan

Conduct feasibility study Success in this business is hugely dependent of adequate fore-planning and preparedness. You will be regulated by them, including the prices, and the products you sell. After this, you proceed to get Approval to Construct.

Add other income or revenue sources Once your fuel station is up and running, you can choose to expand your revenue sources by considering additional business opportunities such as: Do you need Restaurant, Supermarket, and Car Wash.

You could venture into spare part sales and place your stores in very busy mechanic villages. Having your Petrol Filling Station business in the rural areas is far more affordable to set up and to keep up and running, and still gives an assurance of economical profit.

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Studies have come up with above listed problems generally affecting the marketing of petroleum products, and no specific study has been carried out on petroleum products which is commonly used such as kerosene, gasoline and diesel.

It can be located in the rural area as these areas are always neglected by the major marketers who prefer the urban areas. Prepare your business plan A business plan is very important because it is the only document that can prove to investors and your bankers that you have done your homework.

Marketing Petroleum Products In Nigeria – Associated Problems

Re lived in the house for several years between and Every vehicle is required to go in for maintenance at one point or the other. Contents on this website may not be copied, republished, reproduced, redistributed either in whole or in part without due permission or acknowledgement.

Also, task force have been put in place to ensure that petroleum products reach their destination without diversion. In other words, the defendant failed to support by evidence the averment in his Statement of Defence supporting the grant made to his father in You can choose to either self finance the project, raise money from private investors or take a bank loan.

Every vehicle will constantly need parts to be changed, causing the spare parts business to continue to thrive for decades.

Feasibility Study Of Establishing Fuel Filling Station In Nigeria

Limited for effecting the construction of the canal and in respect thereof a receipt was issued to the defendant. The judgment of this Court by Fatayi-Williams, J.

I am satisfied that the present application is brought in good faith and it is hereby granted When the product is completely sold which usually takes less than six days to sell depending on where your Petrol Filling Station is and the demand at that timethe cash returns expected from one tanker of each of the petrol product sells will be: Keep in mind that with the removal of petroleum subsidy, so the costs will undoubtedly change within the month.

Perhaps for administrative convenience, the Owa Obokun Adimula for judicial notice, the Owa of Ijeshaland seeing Osu prospering and growing decided to have coordinator of the activities of the various groups.

Prices of Petroleum Products in Nigeria The current commodity prices for these petroleum refined products are high, and that guarantees more profits for marketers — As at now, the prices of petroleum products are: In this Court, in the oral argument to amplify his brief, he emphasised more on the Land Use Act, Getting an operating license to become an independent petroleum marketer is quite difficult especially in Nigeria; as you have to go through a lot of bureaucratic hurdles.

Regardless of the route you choose to take, just make sure you know what you are doing. The pre-amble to that Decree was revolutionary enough. Whenever a product is shipped into a country or is to be exported from a country, people use clearing and forwarding agents to achieve this.

See Also: 25+ Lucrative Mining Business Ideas And Opportunities in Nigeria 1). Transportation Of Petroleum Products By Road: Petroleum products that are supplied to petrol stations and organisations always need to be transported by road, and this is.

Requirement for Petrol Filling Station Business. 1. Register Your Company. One of the essentials for acquiring your permit of working a Petrol filling station business is your endorsement of Operation with the Cooperate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC) and also obtain the necessary tax clearance.

Sale of Used Buses. Coachplan South Africa is not restricted to one particular manufacturer, which gives you as customers the advantage to choose from the widest selection of drive components as well as engine manufacturers, chassis manufacturers and body builders.

With the current drive by the Federal Government to diversify the economy and shift its major source of revenue away from oil, there has been a rapidly increasing interest by the government in Agriculture, this has led to the creation of several incentives to boost investment in agriculture at all levels.

Certificate attestation, HRD attestation, Certificate Apostille, Visa stamping, Passport emigration, HRD & Home Department, Embassy Attestation, MEA Attestation, MOFA. Oct 11,  · Sample Business Plan on Set up of a Petrol Station in Nigeria Posted by Paul Onwueme at PM Petrol Stations in Nigeria are very critical to the national economy.

Petrol station business plan in nigeria
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